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22nd October 2020 | Friday

Trust + Authenticity = Rockstar Teams and Huge Results!

Working remotely is now our every day, yet many of us have had little, if any, training on how to be a great leader in a virtual environment. This workshop will give you tools and strategies to help with building team culture and engagement when you aren’t physically sitting in the same place.

How do I lead a remote team day today? How do I build trust with my team? How do I monitor their performance? What do I do when someone isn’t engaged? What does privacy and confidentiality mean when having tough conversations over technology? I used to take someone for a coffee to have an informal chat, how do I do that now? What boundaries do me and my team need to ensure we keep well and have a good balance? What is work-life balance when working from home? 

We’ll explore the things you’re really struggling with or challenged by and give you practical strategies and skills to help you and your team move forward.

The only thing Tina loves more than partnering with organisations and individuals to build high-performing, trust-based teams, is working with people who are at a crossroad, feeling unsure about what’s next but committed to working it out and taking action. 

Tina’s had over 20 years leading and managing teams, with the last ten of those in corporate HR/People and Culture executive roles. She now runs her own business helping people and teams to reconnect with their values and purpose and put in place a plan that means they are living their best lives now, both personally and professionally. Tina’s workshops are deliberately provoking, challenging everyone to think differently, be comfortable with discomfort and embrace the permission you have to make choices that are right for you and your teams.

Leading with Emotional Intelligence

90% of the world’s top leaders have a high Emotional Intelligence. In this workshop you will learn how to lead your business, your team and yourself in these times of unprecedented change using Emotional Intelligence.


  1. Six contemporary leadership styles and the corresponding Emotional Intelligences skills that will set you, your business and your team up for success
  2. The four capabilities of Emotional Intelligence 
  3. Eight Emotional Intelligence strategies to give you the leadership edge

Maxine Driscoll, Founder and Visionary at Think Strategic, Think Leadership has been innovating and leading high performance teams in Australia and internationally for 25+ years. Let her fast track you, your team and your organisation to an innovative pathway for success as we enter the NEW NORMAL.

Effective Social Media Explained

Are your social media marketing strategies not yielding the results that you want and need? Do you find it hard to get your message across without being too salesy?  


  • Finding & engaging with your target market. Understanding when and how best to use organic and paid advertising.
  • The power of numbers and knowing how it ties to key drivers for your business.
  • How to map your own social success cycle.

    Jasmine Batra is a strategist with a track record of driving growth, Jasmine Batra founded the award winning digital growth marketing agency Arrow Digital in 2007, and now leads a team of fifteen specialists  helping homegrown companies to make it big on the world stage. Jasmine finds it immensely gratifying to have had the opportunity to work with some of the most incredible business owners and tech founders, often working with them on their second and third ventures.  

    Creating A Killer Sales Process

    If you want better sales results, you need to implement a killer sales process.

    Two-thirds of all Business Owners and salespeople don’t follow a sales process…and yet those who use a structured sales process outperform those that don’t.

    A sales process is a set of repeatable steps that take a prospective buyer from the early stage of awareness to a closed sale.

    It is a potential customer’s journey from realizing they have a need for a product or service, to making an actual purchase. And since the sales process is a journey for a prospect, it is a roadmap for a salesperson.

    If you haven’t implemented a clear sales process in your business, this Workshop is for you! Ashleigh Alsadie will map out the proven sales process that she – and her clients – use each and every day to produce results. And this will allow you to bump up your revenue, provide a consistent customer experience, and improve your efficiencies and confidence.

    ‘Creating A Killer Sales Process’ takes you through the following steps:

    • Preparation:

    – Mastering Your Mindset

    Understanding Your Produce and Service Offering

    • Creating An Effective Elevator Pitch
    • Key Questioning
    • Objection Handling
    • Closing

    “As an accomplished speaker and entrepreneur, Ashleigh currently runs two successful sales-focused businesses; The Promo Donna a lead generation firm that creates high quality B2B sales leads and meetings through cold calling and prequalification for hundreds of companies throughout Australia. And, her own personal brand and business, where she provides Training and Coaching solutions to assist people in growing their business, and selling themselves and their brand successfully.

    Ashleigh has supported solopreneurs through to corporate organisations, helping them to fill their sales pipeline and growing their bottom line.

    Her training uses tried and tested strategies used by her team, along with NLP tactics and method acting skills to help people to create the ‘sales persona they have always dreamed  of playing.”

    Speaking with Confidence & Authenticity On Camera

    Problem: Sharing your message through Video is THE MOST EFFECTIVE way right now to build trust with your market. Do you feel like you don’t yet have the confidence to share your message authentically on camera? Maybe you’re worried about what others might think, afraid of making mistakes or forgetting what you were going to say… 

    In this workshop you will learn;

    • Mindset shifts to help you feel more CONFIDENT on camera
    • Strategies to ensure you are speaking from a place of AUTHENTICITY on camera
    • The most successful way to STRUCTURE your video content
    • Actionable exercises to help improve your public speaking SKILLS

    Kelly Petering has a Bachelor of Arts in Acting and a Professional Master Coach Certification. Kelly has enjoyed working as a performer, voice over artist and public speaking coach. She works primarily with women in business who want to learn how to share their message with confidence and authenticity on camera or on stage. Maybe it’s learning how to do a Facebook live, creating video content for an online program so they can leverage their brand or creating an engaging speech for a live audience. 

    Kelly believes that we need more women in leadership roles and is passionate about inspiring women to step into their power to bring a greater element of human connection to the world. 

    Elements of both performing and personal development come into the programs she teaches to empower women to share their message – it’s an incredibly fun and experiential way of learning that incorporates both mindset and skills.


    Supercharging your Online Product-Based Business

    Today we have the tools to minimise our manual, repetitive workload to take our businesses online and to de-risk them. Learn key steps you need to take in your business, the process you can implement so that in the long run you operate more effectively and you build your asset.

    Attracting Referrals

    It is tough growing a business and quickly we learn we can’t do it alone. When you try to find the right people, it appears to be a waste of time. Social media is overwhelming like falling down a rabbit hole with many wasted hours. Imagine developing a pipeline of referrals where others do the hard yards of selling you.

    Learn 3 key things you MUST know, to get an ROI on networking NO MORE WASTED EFFORT

    1. Collaborations yield Clients
    2. How a Circle of Introduction can lead to your Circle of Trust

    3. Tips & TRICKS to having an impact on social media

    CEO of Business in Heels works with business and professional women enabling them to succeed in their goals. Today the organisation connects 160, 000 in a collaborative community. Collaboration has enabled Business in Heels to grow & Lisa will share some of the learning over the last 5 years of growth.

    With 25 years of Buying & sourcing experience & her own online business Lisa has loads of expertise to share

    Strategic planning, recognition of business opportunities, developing them into a business & marketing are Lisa’s strengths. She loves the opportunity to share this with her many collaborators & mentees. 

    Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

    It’s a pattern of behaviour where we fear being identified, discovered, or exposed as a fraud or phony and we believe we’re are not as competent as others perceive us to be. 

    We believe our success or accomplishments are undeserving. We believe our success is due to luck, as opposed to our true or innate skills and we live in a constant state of perpetual anxiety or fear, of being found out. 


    • We work harder 
    • We are the first ones in the office & the last ones to leave. 
    • We set benchmarks and standards so high, that at times it’s unrealistic & unachievable. 
    • We are driven & are perfectionist. 


    • Increase self awareness
    • Watch negative self talk and learn the art/technique of reframing
    • Simple strategies and steps to deal with Imposter Syndrome 
    • Identify the triggers
    • Courage to have difficult conversations
    • Self Acceptance 
    • Foacis of Gratitude
    • Positive Database
    • Develop Competence
    • Stay Congruent 


    Audrey Rolleston is a Career Success Coach, who supports corporate women and empowers them with the confidence and skill sets to ask for what they want, such as a successful career, work-life balance, flexibility and desired income.

    Audrey has over 25 years experience in the corporate industry in multiple Operational and Leadership roles, working for some of the world’s largest Global General Insurers, some with Annul Revenue of $11.650 billion (2018) Audrey was accountable and responsible for leading Small to Medium (SME) Business Units, driving results nationally, with a proven a track record, of delivering exceptional results and outcomes through the people she led.

    Audrey is a coach with specific expertise in CONFIDENCE, EMPOWERMENT, INTERVIEW SKILLS, CAREER DEVELOPMENT & DESIGN for women. As a former hiring manager, she has seen firsthand, how stressful the job interview process can be.

    Audrey shares her knowledge and experience from 100’s of interviews during her corporate career, helping career women nail their next interview so they can land their dream job. Audrey is originally from South Africa, is married with 2 adult children and lives in beautiful South Sydney. She passionate about personal development, health, fitness, supporting and empowering others.

    How to handle conflict with a bit of sparkle!

    Giving you the tools & tips on how to manage conflict and customer complaints without taking it personally.  Attendees will gain self-confidence and a new perspective how to deal with this uncomfortable aspect of any customer service or team environment. 

    Topics include –

    * how to calm the cranky customer – tips on how to turn the volume down,

    * tools to implement to help you be in control of the situation  

    *remember it’s not personal! 

    *All delivered with a bit of fun & sparkle.

    Amanda is a keynote speaker, presenter, and workshop facilitator with a message on all thing’s resilience & attitude.  Sharing tips & insights on customer service, culture & small business success.  Helping you change the way you think about building more kindness, fun & love into our work lives & personal lives.  All while having a laugh and a bit of fun with it.

    “Having worked at the pointy end of customer service my whole career I am still able to say I am as intrigued by & “love” people as much as ever.  After successfully building 2 businesses over the last 10 years, it all culminated in the sale of my independently branded real estate office in 2019, this has given me the freedom and time to chase my dreams.  I am now on a mission to live my purpose through The Pink Tribe, were I get to share, inspire and support others to find their inner sparkle.”

    Leveraging LinkedIn for business and career during (and after) COVID

    Would you like to learn how to use LinkedIn to generate leads & connections? With thousands of competitors, you need to be positioned strongly to stand out amongst the competition and maximise opportunities for your business.

      Megan Edwards, founder, and director of mWords Communications
      Megan Edwards is a Melbourne-born LinkedIn content marketing specialist of over 20 years. A lifelong writer and educator, Megan regularly runs LinkedIn Strategy workshops and in-house training to help corporates and teams all sizes build a LinkedIn presence and content strategy that supports their business goals, with a key focus on growing brand awareness, lead generation, and authority.

      Leveraging the Power of Podcasting

      Are you struggling to get the clients you deserve because no one knows who you are and what you can do for them? 
      Are you tired of chasing clients, collaborators, or opportunities? 
      Learn how to ‘flip the switch’ and ATTRACT more clients and opportunities rather than chasing them
      Find out how you can easily and effectively leverage other people’s networks
      How to be seen as an authority in your industry, field, or niche.

      Melanie Colling is the Founder of Purpose Driven Projects, co-founder of Experts On Air – Podcast Booking Agency, host of the Business Connections Podcast, and Amazon International best-selling co-author of ‘You Are A Genius’.

      Melanie is a successful entrepreneur, mum of 1, avid podcast listener, voracious business book reader, loves meeting new people and learning about what they do and why they do it and just can’t help connecting people and having fun!

      She is passionate about helping business leaders and entrepreneurs succeed and accelerate their businesses by empowering them to become a trusted authority in their industry, field or niche through the power of podcasting

      She believes entrepreneurs will make the change in the world we want to see and need, not governments. So is committed to supporting and connecting entrepreneurs to empower change! This is why she gets up every morning!

      Worried about hackers ransonware? Get cyber fit!

      “Is your business cyber fit? Ways to protect your business from hackers and other cyber disasters”

      It can be hard to know how to protect your business from hackers and other cyber incidents. Research shows that 49% of small businesses experienced an incident in the past year, and as COVID-19 has increased our collective reliance on technology, there’s no longer time to delay getting your security up-to-scratch. Don’t worry, you don’t need a tech degree to get started or to know anything about cybersecurity – only your business!

      1.  Identify key cybersecurity areas of concern.
      2. Undertake at least one action to improve the cyber fitness of your business.
      3. Have a plan for where to from here.

      Cynch is a Melbourne based company on a mission to help small business leaders prevent a cybersecurity incident from becoming one of the worst days of their career. We partner with small businesses, continuously profiling their cyber risks and providing the people at the heart of these businesses with everything they need to build and demonstrate cyber fitness in less than 5 minutes at a time, at a price they can afford. The Cynch co-founders met whilst both working at one of Australia’s most iconic institutions, Australia Post. They founded Cynch Security in mid-2017 after recognising how woefully underserved small business leaders were by the cybersecurity industry, initially building the concepts behind the membership at night and on weekends. In October 2018, Cynch was incorporated as a company with the founders dedicating themselves towards bringing the business to the public. The team joined the Cyrise Accelerator program, a joint venture between Dimension Data and Deakin University, and Australia’s only cybersecurity-focused accelerator program, later that same month. Since then, the team has grown as we find more and more people who share a passion for helping small businesses become cyber fit. 

      How to build a community on Facebook that converts into customers

      Are you struggling to get engagement in your online social media platforms?
      Would you like to know how to create an engaged community that is full of your ideal clients, so you can turn them into customers?
      I will be sharing how to build an online Facebook community, how use this to leverage your list growth and ultimately turn those community members into customers.
      Sally Sparks-Cousins the founder of the Sparkle Class Academy is on a mission to empower people to find their “Inner Sparkle” zone of genuis or passion and then to use it to build a business that can be tailored around their lifestyles.
      Working mostly with current or want to be coaching, consultants, healers and service-based businesses who want to create membership programs and courses.

      She has an uncanny ability to remove the tech overwhelm for her clients when it comes to getting automated with their sales & marketing strategies.

      … so they can focus on what they are good at, and knowing with confidence that they have a consistent flow of leads knocking at their door because their automation is working for them in the background.

      Sally helps her clients literally step by step, and click by click to set up their automation systems, using just 3 simple programs – even when they don’t understand how it works – it just does!

      She wants her clients to EARN while you LEARN.

      … so that they can fill their calendar with prospects eager to speak to them.

      That way her clients can focus on doing what they are good at, which is working in their own zone of genius or as Sally like to call it “your inner sparkle”

      Automating Your Marketing to Supercharge your Business Growth

      Struggling to engage with potential clients at the right time with the right message?

      Imagine gaining clients whilst you sleep. Learn exactly how business process automation can serve your business and how to attract new customers and build your list.


      The power of automation to scale your business

      Lead Funnels (Attraction Funnels) & How to Build your List

      The customer lifecycle and how automation speeds up conversion

        Alli Ficarra is committed to making a difference in business owner’s lives. Her passion, as an ONTRAPORT Business Advisor, is influencing lives by helping people build better businesses. 

        Working as an ONTRAPORT Advisor, she specializes in digital marketing and system building — turning new and established businesses into streamlined powerhouses. With Alli’s help, businesses can create better customer experiences, increase sales and automate scalable processes, saving tons of time while building out the business of their dreams.