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Welcome to Business in Heels, let us help you step into your future.

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Many of us feel stuck, overlooked or impatient with our progress. Be empowered and gain clarity, become focused to achieve through our collaborative community, business education, mentoring & done for your marketing services.

Our favourite quote, “ If you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far go with others ”. Unknown

Become a part of our collaborative international community of over 200,000 business & professional women. Spanning from UAE, Malaysia, Australia, UK and to USA. The benefits are immeasurable. Connecting with like-minded people helps you gain; inspiration, ideas, build relationships, collaborations to build your business and succeed.


Arundhati Seigell
Arundhati Seigell
Arundhati is the Director & Founder of Seigell Consultants, which helps brands and businesses meet their audience’s needs by finding ways to create memorable brand experiences and compelling creative storytelling.
Simmi Harpalani
Simmi Harpalani
Simmi is the Founder of Sims Blossoms, with the sole aim of providing high-quality affordable jewellery sourced from upcoming designers with a highly creative mindset.
Claudia Pinto
Claudia Pinto
Claudia wears many hats including being the Founder of Women for Humanity; Advisor, Head Philanthropy, H.H. Sheikh Marwan bin Mohammed Al Maktoum and is an ambassador of United for Green
Claudia Pinto
Lilly Kerawalla
Lilly is the Owner of Happy Wealthy Lilly Universe, helping others to access their consciousness, allowing them to live consciously and with awareness. 
Mary Chambers
Mary Chambers
Mary is a Certified Mindfulness Coach, Happiness Coach and Workplace Happiness Specialist and continues to seek ways to examine the core strength of established organisations and determine what is really possible.
Claudia Pinto
Shamin Pateile
Shamin is the Founder & Trainer of Speech Perfect, who works to build confidence, nurture creative expression and artistic development within children and teenagers.
Virtual Coffee Connections
Join us for a lively virtual coffee connection twice a month, every 2nd and 4th Wednesday at 7pm, where you will have the chance to meet fellow members and initiate meaningful conversations.
Member Spotlight
Celebrating accomplishments of our exceptional community members remains a top priority. Be sure to watch out for our member spotlights this July, where we will share member profiles on Instagram  and
WhatsApp. To be featured, DM your name, company name, 1 photo and 5 bullet points about your service or products to Simmi.
Appreciation Friday
Show your generosity in thanking any member who has supported you in your journey towards growth. Every Friday we will share appreciation posts on WhatsApp and Instagram. DM your message to Simmi with your name and member details.
F2F Coffee Connections
The prosperity of our community hinges on each member’s involvement, participation, and dedication. We will start F2F Coffee Connections in September 2023 and look forward to you all actively engage in our activities, contribute your unique perspectives, and offer your expertise generously.

Business Owners

✅Access FREE education
✅Be inspired by amazing stories
✅Solve sales problems with digital ecosystem support
✅Market your business across the community
✅Access affordable mentoring services
Group & Individual Mentoring

Join Us for Business Solutions Summits, Coffee Connections, Mentor Mornings, useful webinars and more..

Career Women & Professionals 

✅Access FREE education
✅Be inspired by amazing stories
✅Solve career problems with Mentoring
✅Market your business across the community
✅Access mentoring services
Guilt FREE Mentoring, Customised Career & Group Mentoring
Join Us for Leadership Summits, Coffee Connections, Mentor Mornings, useful webinars and more..


AED 75 / year

SAVE 20% on all events

Access FREE education & inspiration.

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AED 499 /yr

Starting out PLUS AED 239 event money

Unlimited Blogging shared to 38K

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AED 499 /year

Starting Out PLUS AED 239 event money

1  x Mentoring session

Access to Networking up & Managing Up

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