Learn from our fabulous expert presenters.

Meet like-minded women and network.

Get solutions for your business pain-points.

Enjoy our interactive workshop & win prizes!

What’s keeping you awake at night?

Get the answers you need to grow with a day of solutions, and tools & done for you services.

Build your network and meet like-minded business women from UAE, Malaysia, India, UK, USA, Australia & NZ

A limited opportunity for business owners and professionals to workshop their top four pain points. Choose four of the numerous topics from marketing & business how-tos to personal development.

Each workshop runs for 1 hr and 15 minutes, they are expertly facilitated with one goal to give you the answers you need. Save yourself the heartache of trial and error and learn from an expert. Each is designed to deliver practical outcomes with no more than 25 delegates in each.

For some problems, the solution is to outsource the work on things that you don’t like and are not good at. You will find a range of choices when you explore the Expo. It’s fun and you will be in the draw to WIN loads of prizes with our Expo Explorer Quest.

Plus time to connect & network. With our conferencing platform, you will be able to see all participants online, message them & even face-time them during the breaks. It is as close to a physical experience as we can make it.

Be Inspired Meet Stephenie Rodriguez

CEO | Founder of WanderSafe, JOZUforWomen.com,  Author | TEDxSpeaker


In 2019, I contracted Cerebral Malaria in Nigeria and came through a two-week near-death coma, sepsis, and the beginning of a two-year journey of recovery. I became a bilateral above-ankle osseointegrated amputee in March 2021, and become an advocate for people living with mobility challenges in addition to my work for the eradication of violence as part of UN Women Australia and Zonta Int’l..

Keynote speaker, serial entrepreneur, Latina, big data evangelist, global citizen, Inventor, Founder of WanderSafe, WSL Alumni, and mentor.

“Life is 10% what you are given and 90% what you do with it.”

Innovation is my driver, and I am on a mission to impact 1 billion lives by 2025 in support of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. After leading digital strategy and transformation projects for multinational, multibillion-dollar travel companies including SSP – the food travel experts and Club Med for the past 10 years, I have embarked on an entrepreneurial venture that combines my vast knowledge of the travel industry, the necessity of safety solutions for travellers and commuters and the enterprise opportunity that exists for tourism boards, airlines and airports to capitalise on insights from big data related to the female travel decision maker.

Stephanie has an amazing story to tell.



This is your chance to work on problems that have been holding you back, learn about something new and do some personal development. All the workshops are presented by Experts in their field.

These will be delivered on a special conferencing platform using the Zoom meeting function.  They will be delivered face to face, they will be interactive and you will have opportunities to learn and ask your questions. This is NOT a webinar.

Once you book the schedule will be up online allowing you to select your ideal choices. Prior to the day, you can submit any particular questions you have and our presenters will love you for it.

The Day


The day  is spread across 3 time zones.

Every attendee can attend a number of networking sessions, designed to enable them to make real connections in a safe way.

All can attend up to 4 workshop sessions from a choice of sixteen topics to gain the solutions they need to grow. Recordings will be available for up to a week.

Plus, they can explore the EXPO  packed full of Done For You solutions

Everyone leaves with a tool kit, solutions & great connections.

Attracting Referrals

presented by Steve Sweeney

Referrals make you feel great!
If you’re receiving them it means people regard you as a dependable professional who gets the job done to a high standard.
So learn the art and science of attracting them and re-invigorate your business and yourself.
In this workshop you will learn –
  • Why Referrals are Essential for Service Providers
  • Why some Referrals are More Valuable Others
  • What Influences People’s Decisions to Refer
  • Who Can Pass You the Best Referrals


    Speaking with Confidence & Authenticity on Camera

    Presented by Kelly Petering

    Sharing your message through Video is THE MOST EFFECTIVE way right now to build trust with your market. Do you feel like you don’t yet have the confidence to share your message authentically on camera? Maybe you’re worried about what others might think, afraid of making mistakes or forgetting what you were going to say… 

    Is Your Business Grant Ready?
    Presented by Madonna Melrose



    How to Be a Better You for Better Business Outcomes

    Presented by Christine Stow

    Very often we don’t pay attention to ourselves, we don’t value ourselves enough and our business suffers: leaving us feeling stressed, overwhelmed, unheard and undervalued. In this session, Christine will take you on a journey highlighting the impacts of your well-being on your business and offers solutions you can implement right away:
    What you will get:
    – The number ONE thing that reduces stress, saves time and moves you forward every time
    – Learn WHY your valuing yourself is important
    – Is money holding you back?
    – 3 steps you can take to be a better you
    – 5 Point Plan for a Better Business Outcome
    Branding : Become Distinguishable, UNCOPYABLE & Irresistable

    ….even if you’re in a crowded marketplace for Coaches & Consultants

    Presented by Annemarie Cross

    Feel like the world’s best-kept secret – despite doing ‘all the things’ when it comes to marketing your business?

    Struggling to position your diverse expertise into a concise and compelling message that doesn’t sound the same as everyone else?

    Come to this training and learn:

    • Common Personal Branding myths and mistakes that’ll keep you from becoming distinguishable, uncopyable and irresistible
    • Why Authenticity is NOT a buzzword – but rather PARAMOUNT!
    • Why LESS really IS MORE when it comes to creating a compelling message and content
    • How to position yourself in a Category of ONE to become THE trusted authority in your industry and THE choice vs A choice when it comes to your ideal client
    • The missing factor to becoming UNCOPYABLE – that many businesses overlook
    Social Media from Invisible to Invicible
    Presented by Jenn Donovan

    Have you been on social media for a while now but just don’t seem to be getting the traction you need or want?  Does it feel like it’s just not working anymore?  Well, let’s chat about what’s working, what’s not and what’s hot when it comes to using social media to grow your business and become more profitable in 2022.
    During the workshop we will explore:
    • What marketing is,
    • What’s trending in social media marketing in 2022
    • What’s working and what’s not, and
    • What to keep an eye on!
    We’ll also look at ways you can get more organic traffic to your social media platforms.  They’ll be some self-reflection time, a quick audit on how you are going with your social media and some homework (sorry!).  Oh and some Q&A time!
    This super practical, down to earth workshop for small businesses is not one to miss to ensure your 2022 social media strategy helps build your list, your business and your profits.
    The Secrets to Creating Cashflow that Supports your Dreams

    Presented by: Joanne McCauley

    Cashflow is the oxygen that keeps a small business alive.  A recent report by Xero Small Business Insights found that 9 out of 10 businesses in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom experience at least one month of negative cashflow each year.  Cashflow pressures are extremely stressful with business owners worrying about how they are going to pay their staff and suppliers.  Unfortunately, without making changes, the cashflow pressures rarely go away. Understanding what causes cashflow problems is the first step to creating real change in your business.  What is the point of being in business if it is not able to give you the lifestyle you desire?  This workshop will help you to identify real strategies to improve your cashflow and allow you to live the lifestyle you dream about.


    Key Takeaways.


    1. My accountant tells me I made a profit, but I have nothing to show for it!  This workshop will help you to understand the difference between profit and cashflow.
    2. We will discuss the seven key causes of poor cashflow.
    3. You will understand the cash conversion cycle and learn how to calculate your own cash conversion days.
    4. We will go through a practical exercise to show how small changes to your business can have a significant impact on your cashflow.
    5. We will work through some practical tips on how to grow your business and your cashflow.



    Personal Branding Brilliance: The Secrets to Successfully Standing Out

    Presented by: Karin Aviles

    Do you want to risk missing out on your next big opportunity? Having a strong personal brand is how careers and businesses are made! Yet, many don’t bother to give personal branding any thought. Some actually avoid defining their brand for fear of bragging about themselves or their business. Unfortunately, you could be ignoring one of the biggest secrets to unlocking your success.

     Join me in this workshop and you’ll learn:

    • How to create a personal brand you’re proud of promoting
    • Why you need a strong brand voice that’s consistently heard
    • Tips and Tricks for creating your brand presence on LinkedIn
    • Actionable steps to help improve your personal brand today


    Automating Your Marketing to Supercharge your Business Growth

    Presented by Lisa Sweeney

    Are you trying to do everything, responding to customers, creating invoices as well as servicing their needs? Are you never in the right place at the right time? Customers are more demanding than ever before so if you want to scale then you need automation. In this workshop we will focus on leveraging marketing:-

    • Learn the benefits of automation.
    • How to leverage social media
    • Explore a range of digital tools to save you time
    • Learn how to put your sales on steroids
    • The ideal ecosystem to establish.


    Goal Setting & Planning for Success

    Presented by Rachel Allan

    Inauthentic old-school marketing just doesn’t work these days. You need modern marketing. In fact, you need a ground-breaking system that blends proven, cutting-edge marketing strategies with potent mindset work.

    Rachel Allan has created this innovative system, and she will share the six elements with you at the Business in Heels summit.

    She recommends closing your ears to all the well-intentioned (but misguided) advice and marketing gobbledygook being offered up on the internet, and instead focusing on:

    • Authentic campaigns
    • Dynamic strategy
    • Savvy research

    If you are serious about creating holistic life and business success, you need to know about – and implement – all six elements of the marketing system Rachel has created.


    Why SMART Business Owners Outsource Their Marketing

    Presented by ARUNDHATI SEIGELL

    Challenges business owners face with digital/marketing and how they can implement the right strategies to scale, grow and get ROI
    – Identify and recognize marketing challenges faced by business owners
    – How to have a strategic approach in DM/Marketing
    – Role of an outsourced marketing manager
    – How outsourced marketing works 
    – Who needs an outsourced marketing manager
    Communicate to Connect
    Everyone loves to speak, tell a story, communicate, and be heard. But how can you communicate to make a lasting impression? To impact those who heard and benefit from the energy you just shared? Effective communication allows you to connect to your client resulting in profitable revenue and memorable impact. Ineffective communication will result in client disinterest and revenue loss.



    • Proper communication: Delivering your message with a purpose. For clients to listen, engage, and take interest in what you are saying, your message should be relatable, human, and have underlining “Aha!” moment.
    • Relate it to your product: What are you selling? Within your
      communication/storytelling, tie it to your product. Make the connection within to keep your client engaged. If the client trusts that you can relate to their problem, then you can be their solution!
    • Structuring effective communication: Knowing your client/audience and how you communicate is vital to keeping them engaged.
    • Delivering your message: Be honest, relatable, and inspirational when getting your message across. Clients will relate to those whom they feel understand them exclusively and wholeheartedly.
    How to Sell without being ‘Salesy’


    • Do you dream of abundant sales? Learn how to get your pipeline overflowing with the right opportunities
      Do you know that you can help your Clients and Prospects but struggle to
      communicate the value that you offer for the prices that you deserve?
    • Are passionate about working with the right kind of clients but you’re resistant to
      sharing what you do at the risk of sounding too “salesy”
    • How would you like to learn a system where objections in your calls and sales
      presentations became a thing of the past?

    If you answered yes to any of the questions above, you need to mark your calendars and join us for this event. In this Masterclass you will learn how to increase your conversion and finally work with more of the clients you have been seeking (for the prices that you deserve).


    What You Will Learn

    • How to be authentic and influential in your Selling Process and work with more of the clients that light up your world
    • Why people, don’t want to be “sold” in this climate and what to do to move beyond this obstacle
    • Easy tools to switch the mindset of ‘Sleazy-Selling’ to Service and fire your ‘itty-bitty-sh$tty-committee’
    • Objection Responsiveness – New methods for identifying and eliminating objections and removing the apprehension from the salesperson and the customer
    • Closing & Suggestion Models – Utilising language and introduction to conversational pacing and leading
    Understanding How Our Shadow Self Impacts Us In Business

    Presented by TERESA ONG FLUDE

    Shadow work is the stuff that you don’t want to shine a light on. If you focus on looking in the mirror, and bringing your shadow to the forefront, then you will have to deal with it. When we are not in touch with our shadows, they can create stuck energy and problems in our lives. By working through these denied aspects of ourselves, we can heal and evolve our personal growth, resilience, and greater self-awareness and potential for success in our business or at work.

    Simply put, it’s about getting to know yourself on a deeper level with self-reflection, self-discovery, and self-examination ‒ the good, the bad, the ugly.

    It is important to realize that you might not even know that you might continue repeating the same patterns and experiencing the same triggers over and over again in different aspects of your life.

    • What triggers me most in my life and my business/work and why?
    • What do I underdo or overcompensate with?
    • When do I feel like an imposter?
    • How am I setting my boundaries with others?

    Here women are invited to explore into their shadow, and bring some of their hidden qualities to life and become a fuller, richer and lead unapologetic lives, to create ripples in this world and to share their purpose with conviction.

    4 Simple Steps To Generate Leads and Close Sales With LinkedIn

    Presented by: Ryan Caswell

    Businesses that don’t have reliable and predictable means to acquire new leads and clients often find themselves at the mercy of waiting that next referral to come in and ‘hope’ marketing. 

    No matter how good your product or service is, it’s worthless if you are unable to feed your business new clients reliably. 

    Many marketing strategies cost too much in either time or money and yield very little in terms of results. 

    What You Will Learn:

    • Find your ideal client on LinkedIn and have them want to get on a call with you to learn about your services
    • Position your offer so prospects want to talk to you
    • Message people in a way that is non salesy and has people wanting to learn more
    • Build a predictable and reliable process to generate high quality leads every month
    • Spend less than 15 minutes a day on marketing


    Speaking with Confidence & Authenticity on Camera


    Is your Business Grant Ready?


    Automating your Marketing to Supercharge Business Growth


    Social Media from Invisible to Invincible


    Attracting Referrals


    4 Simple Steps To Generate Leads and Close Sales With LinkedIn


    Goal Setting & Planning for Success | Modern marketing for business success


    How to be a Better YOU, for a Better Business


    How to Sell without being ‘Salesy’ 


    BRANDING Becoming Distinguishable, UNCOPYABLE & Irresistible


    The Secrets to Creating Cash Flow, that support your Dreams


    Personal Branding Brilliance: The Secrets to Successfully Standing Out


    Understanding How Our Shadow Self Impacts Us In Business


    Communicate to Connect


    Why SMART Business Owners Outsource Their Marketing

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