What does it take to go from idea to build a business? or a side hustle? In this workshop we will dive deep into the steps to take to go from idea to making your first actual sale.

  • Evaluate the business idea?
  • Who wants it? Who is my customer?
  • How much will they pay?

 You will walk away with a 21 day road map to take that terrific idea and assess “Is this business viable?”

Presented by Healthy Numbers

Ingrid Thompson is the founder of Healthy Numbers. She is an opinion leader and influencer within the Business community.  She loves improving her clients’ lives, improving their bottom line, increasing how much they pay themselves and simplifying the complexities of being in their own business.

She has been teaching financial acumen pretty much all her life, from tutored math/ maths in high school to coaching Business Managers in the Corporate world.

“I know how to take the complex and make it simple to understand; clients call it my super-power.”

She is the #1 bestselling author of “So You Want to Start a business” and its accompanying workbook. This book is changing the way people make decisions about starting and building their own business.

For almost 20 years Ingrid has  been working within businesses and with small business owners to help them reduce complexity, simplify processes & systems so they can increase profitability and achieve work life harmony.


Is your business living month to month? Are you sweating on payment before closing your next deal?

Let us give you the tips & tricks you need to manage & smooth out your cash flow.

Presented by NAB supporting Small Business  

Prue Maitland is currently Senior Private Client Manager at NAB and has worked for the organisation for 11 years. 8 years of that time was as a Senior Business Banker assisting small to medium-sized business with all their banking, lending, investment and cash flow needs.

Prue holds a Bachelor of Business Administration and Arts from Macquarie University and has a particular interest in supporting women in business.

Ilona Batfay has enjoyed close to 25 years with NAB.  After commencing her career in customer facing roles in both retail and business banking, Ilona has spent the last decade working in the Credit & Risk area in both assessment and leadership roles. Ilona currently manages a team of Credit Managers who specialise in the SME sector.  Ilona holds qualifications in Banking & Finance/Accounting and loves to share her knowledge with Bankers to assist develop appropriate funding strategies for their clients.


Financial Wellness has 3 defined elements that will allow you to live a life stress free of financial worries.

Understanding what they are and what behaviours might create financial wellness is the starting point to build a plan that allows you to achieve significant life goals.

 Presented by Blue Rock Private Wealth

Nella is a financial planner at BlueRock Private Wealth – she worked for the first 15 years of her career as a CPA accountant working both in public practice and as a financial controller for SME. Her passion for people and wanting to help them to achieve their personal and financial goals meant that the decision to move into financial planning wasn’t a difficult one to make. Nella has a strong interest in coaching families and individuals to not only achieve financial freedom but also ensure that her clients plans & financial goals stay on track through life’s changing circumstances.

Samantha began her career in the Financial Planning industry in 2006. Over the years, she has seen significant changes in the industry which have encouraged her to focus on the area of financial planning that she loves most – working with her clients to make sure their personal and family dreams are realistic and achievable. Samantha has completed her Masters of Financial Planning and is a Certified Financial Planner®. She has recently returned to Advising after becoming a first time mum – just in time to help her clients during a time when it’s most in need.


Smart systems generate more leads and sales on auto-pilot. Learn How to Attract Your Ideal Client and Increase Your Sales On Autopilot. Grow Your Business Faster by Using Proven Systems and Time-Tested Strategies!


With over 26 years of marketing experience, some of the world’s leading companies like Coca-Cola, McDonalds Restaurants, Coles Supermarkets, Optus Communications, and Ray White have called on Bill to share his expertise and marketing savvy when it comes to client attraction, lead generation, and their overall marketing.

Bill is passionate about helping business owners and entrepreneurs to boost their marketing results to Attract & Retain more Qualified Leads and Convert them into profitable long-term clients using the power of Smart Automated Marketing Systems.

One of Bill’s clients quoted saying…
“Working with Bill is what I imagine being in a room with Richard Branson would be like! He has
seriously high energy and passion for all things marketing. Limitless ideas and strategies which
when refined and applied all boil down to just two things… more leads for your business and
more sales.”


Sales is the lifeblood of your business but many of us dislike it. Why are you not winning more business? You see a client, you have a good chat, you put forward your solution and they don’t buy from you. Have you wondered why this is the case?

What will be learnt:

  • How to engage more meaningfully
  • How to win more business with integrity
  • How to position yourself as the trusted advisor

Learn how to be your authentic self, hold your value and win more business.


Charmaine Keegan – Director, Keynote Speaker and Founder of Smarter Selling – is a world leading expert in training high-performance sales teams. 

Charmaine has trained over 8,000 sales professionals empowering them with the confidence to embrace selling with integrity and authenticity to deliver immediate revenue growth. 

She believes sales is comprised of four fundamental elements – good communication, exceptional customer service skills, personal accountability and a commercial mindset. 

She is passionate about selling and even more so, empowering others to sell. Smarter Selling training programs set sales teams up for lasting success with simple to execute, contemporary and proven sales methodologies. 

They are developed and trademarked by Charmaine. They evolve as communication evolves.   Her speaking engagements, workshops and programs are renowned for being engaging, fun, interactive and highly practical. 

She makes it easy for you to sell and your customer to buy. She is a Certified Trainer of NLP (how we operate), Hypnotherapy (unconscious communication) and Timeline Therapy (recognising your baggage and the baggage/beliefs of your customer). 

She has studied the psychology of human behaviour and is considered an expert on sales techniques. Her career spans 29 years of high performing sales experience. She has ‘walked the walk‘ so the workshops are highly practical and focused on results. Training created by a sales expert for salespeople.


Unlock your potential and transform the way you lead yourself and others in the digital age.

In this interactive session, Penny will guide you through the 7 Principles of Digital Age Leadership. During this session you will:

  • Identify the drivers of disruption and changein your immediate operating environment.
  • Explore the 7 Principles of Digital Age Leadership;
  • Learn to apply the 7 Principles in your current context and explore how you can develop your digital age leadership mindset and maturity of practice.

 You can expect to leave the session with a plan to support to lead through disruption in the digital age


Penny is the founder of Leading Digital Beings. She is a highly experienced Organisational Development and Change Consultant, and Digital Age Leadership Coach. Penny works with leaders at all levels to unlock their potential to transform the way they lead themselves and others during times of disruption in the digital age.

She supports leaders to develop new mindsets and cultures that anchor, inform, and advance the values, attitudes and behaviours necessary to not only survive, but thrive in the digital age.

 w to automate my marketing & BECOME A CLIENT

Everything is changing around us and things seem beyond our control. It is easy to fall into fear, stress and overwhelm for good reason, during these times. Discover ways to support yourself mentally and emotionally during these times so you can be a force for uplifting for yourself and to those around you. Learn how to:

Be more resilient
Be the master of your thoughts and emotions
Let go of fear and focus on the things that are important to you
Make the best decisions for yourself to move forward
Maintain a mindset that supports you

Presented by BLISSPOT

Deborah Fairfull is committed to the ongoing improvement of the world we live in and believes in the power of each individual. Her simple, succinct and practical approach to raising the awareness allows people to connect to true peace and happiness. For that reason, she founded Blisspot, an online community transforming everyday lives through encouragement, sharing, education, inspiration and connection in the modern world today. Through community, education and technology, Blisspot focuses on sharing skills to support individuals and businesses overcome stress and thrive.

Prior to that Deborah was the founder and CEO of Brave Design Group and Eatsmart Food. During that time she won the ACT Business Women of the Year and the ACT Chief Minister’s Award for Innovation.

An entrepreneur with a passion for personal growth, Deborah founded the wellness community Blisspot to support people in overcoming stress and thriving. Along with being a businesswoman for the past 30 years, Deborah has studied counselling, psychology and kinesiology and is an industry spokesperson and author in Australia and The United States. 



Would you like to learn how to use LinkedIn to generate leads & connections? With thousands of competitors, you need to be positioned strongly to stand out amongst the competition and maximise opportunities for your business.

Preented by MWords 

Megan Edwards, founder and director of mWords Communications
Megan Edwards is a Melbourne-born LinkedIn content marketing specialist of over 20
years. A lifelong writer and educator, Megan regularly runs LinkedIn Strategy workshops and in-
house training to help corporates and teams all sizes build a LinkedIn presence and content strategy
that supports their business goals, with a key focus on growing brand awareness, lead
generation and authority.



Working remotely is now our every day, yet many of us have had little, if any, training on how to be a great leader in a virtual environment. This workshop will give you tools and strategies to help with building team culture and engagement when you aren’t physically sitting in the same place.

How do I lead a remote team day today? How do I build trust with my team? How do I monitor their performance? What do I do when someone isn’t engaged? What does privacy and confidentiality mean when having tough conversations over technology? I used to take someone for a coffee to have an informal chat, how do I do that now? What boundaries do me and my team need to ensure we keep well and have a good balance? What is work-life balance when working from home? 

We’ll explore the things you’re really struggling with or challenged by and give you practical strategies and skills to help you and your team move forward.

Presented by TINA DAISLEY

The only thing Tina loves more than partnering with organisations and individuals to build high-performing, trust-based teams, is working with people who are at a crossroad, feeling unsure about what’s next but committed to working it out and taking action. 

Tina’s had over 20 years leading and managing teams, with the last ten of those in corporate HR/People and Culture executive roles. She now runs her own business helping people and teams to reconnect with their values and purpose and put in place a plan that means they are living their best lives now, both personally and professionally. Tina’s workshops are deliberately provoking, challenging everyone to think differently, be comfortable with discomfort and embrace the permission you have to make choices that are right for you and your teams.

BEYOND BOOSTED  Next Level Social Media Ads  

Go beyond boosting posts.

  • An intro to setting up effective social media ad campaigns across facebook, Instagram and linkedin
  • Capture the right data and build effective strategies that deliver results
  • Agency tips and tricks to improve your marketing


Our customers don’t purchase, enquire or convert in their first interaction with us. One of the most powerful and effective forms of marketing is re-marketing. In this session we’ll discuss best practice remarketing tactics and how to start collecting data, build audience groups and setup ad campaigns targeting these high value audiences.

  • Basics of remarketing
  • Facebook business manager basics
  • Facebook pixel setup and tracking
  • How to setup website/ interaction based audiences
  • Monitoring and optimising campaigns 

Presented by Arthur Street Digital

Mat Cowdell is a highly experienced and respect digital marketer.   Kicking off his professional career with News Corporation, Matt performed a range of media and marketing roles, specifically with the Herald Sun, The Weekly Times, and Fox Sports where he was responsible for developing digital content strategies.  After a 10 year stint at News Corp, Matt joined Open Universities Australia as head of Partnerships and Lead Generation, working with internal and external stakeholders to find future students via a range of digital marketing endeavours. It was in this role that Matt developed his skills and passion for lead generation which led him to establish the boutique marketing agency,  Arthur St. Arthur St is an open, transparent, results driven digital marketing agency that works with an impressive range of Australian businesses and brands. Arthur St specialises in developing strategy, implementing lead generation campaigns, finding insights from data and training marketing teams.


There are 3 MAJOR barriers that prohibit their success. They have a difficult time articulating their value,  differentiating themselves and generating leads.   Once they get a lead, they have NO systematic process to close them into a high-paying client. Once they get a client, they quickly lose them because they can’t generate fast financial results.

Five Takeaways 

  • Strategic V Tactical Marketing – where you need to put your time and money to get the best ROI on your marketing budget
  • A conversion equation to use in your marketing message that will have leads filling up your inbox 
  • Learn why buyers want a journey to go on and how to create it 
  • The small incremental changes across 5 key areas of your business to double your profits 
  • Discover how to create a self staining model for your business that runs on its own and provides you with economic freedom and freedom of time 

 Presented by More Customers More Profits

Glenis Gassmann is a “Former Accountant Turned Mega Successful Business Strategist & Marketer “. She provides Business Coaches with an automated turn-key business system solution to grow and expand their business. 

Specialising in sales and marketing for small business owners. She has over her 30 years in business developed a keen understanding of the complex issues facing small business owners in the type of volatile economy we have today. She coaches and effectively teaches business owners how to quickly and successfully apply the right strategies in the right order that allows them to grow their business to its maximum capacity.

Her team has spent more than 10 years and $2 million dollars developing the world’s first E-Learning Marketing System – currently being used by more than 5000 small business clients in 50 countries around the world to grow their business to multimillion-dollar status and beyond.


If you are an educator & conduct regular workshosp then without physical events you have been stuck. Imagine leveraging your knowledge into the online space & connecting with any clients around the world.

Presented by YESCOURSE

Atul Bhouraskar is Co-Founder and C.E.O. of YES Course the one-stop solution for your online academy. Take your digital content and create your online Academy in a matter of a few hours. Upload videos, audios, images, text, links and publish your courses effortlessly. Use our built-in features to seamlessly integrate it with your mailer or social media and reach your students wherever they happen to be with. 

Shilpa Bhouraskar is co-founder &  director of Academy Development on the YesCourse Platform. “It’s amazing to work with so many Academies ranging from Meditation to Building Wealth and from Dancing to Organic Chemistry. Its thrilling to see completely organic Academies sprouting on YesCourse today!”

Today they host thousands of academies across the world. 


For aspiring leaders, senior managers and business owners needing a little inspiration, confidence and some advice.  We’ll explore your challenges through a group mentoring session. There’ll be plenty of time to have your questions answered. Along the way, you will learn the value of mentoring its benefits over coaching and how it can benefit you to achieve your goals.

Jo Plummer is an experienced Chair and board executive working across a portfolio of positions including Barwon Water, Deakin MBA Advisory , Barwon Asset Solutions and Geelong Regional Football. Her experience will be invaluable in allowing you to explore board opportunities. 

Jo is known for her optimistic, energetic style and has been affectionately coined the ‘positive provocateur’. She is relentless in her drive to focus on and positively shape the futures of the organisations with which she is engaged. Her trademark is aligning customer and community expectations with sound commercial, social and environmental outcomes.

Currently Jo’s portfolio includes numerous board Chair and committee roles, co-ownership of Business in Heels International as well as professional director mentoring. She was recently made a Fellow of the AICD and is a graduate of the Company Directors and Mastering the Boardroom courses. Jo also holds an MBA majoring in Strategy, Planning, Leadership & Communication.


During this presentation, listen as she makes you adjust your current referral generation practices by improving your ability to recognise, create and convert referral opportunities for yourself and others.

Referrals are gold for business owners. We love clients who come to you ready & willing to do business.

No one likes to be salesy and in this workshop he will show you how to build your pipeline through collaborations. You will explore who are the right collaborators for you, where to find them and how do you engage with them. Then we will take a look at understanding the pain points & triggers that denote interest. We will look at strategies you can use both online & in-person to build up your salesforce of collaborators.

Presented by Australian Referral Training Academy

Steve Sweeney from ARTA – The Referral Academy is an expert in training people on collaboration & how to attract referrals. He works with business owners every day to develop their collaboration circles. 

He is a Training Consultant contracted to Business Networking International.  He is brought in strategically to teach members to recognise, create and convert referral opportunities. Over the past few years, he has successfully trained thousands.

Additionally, he runs his own successful communications and copywriting agency and has ghostwritten 6 books.  Regularly called upon to deliver informative and engaging presentations on Networking Excellence, The Art of Persuasive Presenting, and Structuring and Participating in Effective Business Meetings, he also becomes a strategic partner to business owners who use his mentoring services. 


Today we have the tools to minimise our manual, repetitive workload to take our businesses online and to de-risk them. Learn key steps you need to take in your business, the process you can implement so that in the long run you operate more effectively and you build your asset.

Lisa Sweeney CEO of Business in Heels works with business owners every day to fast-track them on their road to success. With over 25 years in a corporate buying role Lisa was determined to make a difference. So she & her Business partner Jo Plummer founded Business in Heels as you know it today and have been steadily growing it for the last 5 years.

Strategic planning, recognition of business opportunities, developing them into a business & marketing are Lisa’s strengths. She loves the opportunity to share this with her many collaborators & mentees.