Is your business living month to month? Are you sweating on payment before closing your next deal? 


Johanna McCartney is passionate about educating and sharing her experience to ensure her clients can make informed decisions. As a chartered accountant and business professional she prides herself on strong relationships and creating opportunities for the wider BlueRock community. Her people first approach, inquisitorial nature and experience with privately owned businesses ensures her clients achieve both business and personal aspirations.

BlueRock provide insights and advice that empowers you to achieve your business and personal aspirations. We offer you experience and technology that puts you ahead of the pack. Our innovative accounting and advisory solutions drive growth and profit to deliver the lifestyle you desire. We enjoy working with small to medium-sized business owners and entrepreneurs looking to grow their businesses through progressive strategies and reliable advice.

Jacqui is passionate about working with clients in the taxation and business advisory fields. Having spent majority of her professional career working for a large mid-tier accounting firm in both Gippsland and Melbourne locations. There she was involved in senior accounting positions and implementation of group change management, she now brings this experience to the BlueRock community. 

As a qualified business professional Jacqui understands the importance of improving the bottom line. Her commercial experience in implementing change, along with her taxation and advisory knowledge has allowed her to work with her clients to make informed decisions that impact both their business and personal life.


Are you great at what you do but falter when it comes to closing the deal or attaching a $ value for your time and experience? Could your revenue line do with an extra 20% in sales. 

Ashleigh Alsadie is the Founder and Director of Melbourne-based sales and marketing firm The PromoDonna. Over the past seven years, the business has created high quality B2B sales leads and meetings through cold calling and prequalification for hundreds of clients around Australia. Ashleigh also has a passion and history for training both individuals and organisations, and her high energy, inspirational and passionate delivery brings a fresh approach to selling. Her qualifications as a Master NLP Coach and trained actress also give her an unyielding confidence and flair in her presentations, allowing her to demonstrate proven sales methods that can be implemented immediately, producing instant results.


Smart systems generate more leads and sales on auto-pilot. Learn How to Attract Your Ideal Client and Increase Your Sales On Autopilot. Grow Your Business Faster by Using Proven Systems and Time-Tested Strategies!


Bill Doyle, over the past 24 years has helped hundreds of businesses owners achieve their true potential. He’ll help you package, position and promote your business to set you apart from everyone else and increase your lead flow and sales.

HOW TO scale your business 

Learn “How to Scale your Business” by understanding the 6 key components of your business and what it takes to strengthen them as you grow. You will leave the session with actionable tips as well as several tools you can use to have an immediate impact on your business.

SPONSORED by EOS Entrepreneurial Operating Systems

Anthony Wood  is the Director of Pinnacle Traction.  He has spent more than 20 years building and running businesses in Canada, England & Australia across a variety of different industries including Retail, Hospitality, Commercial Cleaning, Professional Services and ITC (Information Technology and Communication).

During this time, he has sought ways to structure businesses for long term viability and success. 4 years ago, Anthony was introduced to the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) and everything finally fell into place. In EOS, Anthony had found a way to unleash the human potential in the company to finally achieve the desired results he was looking for. Putting EOS in place in the business he was running at the time, stabilised the revenue, grew the team and added $2M to the bottom line.

Building on this success, Anthony launched Pinnacle Traction where he now works with Business owners and their leadership teams to simplify, clarify and realise their business vision.

In addition to his work as an EOS Implementer, Anthony is a Company Director and Investor working with several companies including an Indoor Vertical Farming business.


How to SUPER CHARGE YOUR PRODUCTIVITY Through managing your stress w to automate my marketing & BECOME A CLIENT

Learn how to navigate today’s busy world and use stress to your advantage. Discover which positive habits will help you thrive and develop a strategy to ensure they become life-long habits. This workshop will help you increase your productivity, motivation and stand out from the crowd. 


Chrissy Barrett entered the Health and Fitness industry over 30 years ago, during which time she has owned three health focused businesses: Great Expectations Personal Training, Health at Work and Total Transformation Health Coaching. Great Expectation was founded in 1998, with Chrissy being one of the forerunners in outdoor fitness training at parks in the late 1990’s. Her niche was helping men and women to gain confidence through keeping fit, eating well and effective stress management.

In 2000, she founded Stressed Out Solutions and soon after meeting her future business partner, with whom she merged. Renamed Health@Work,  she led a professional team of health specialists to deliver innovative health and wellness services to the corporate sector. 

 In her current business Total Health Habit Change, Chrissy empowers her clients to embrace new healthy habits, resulting in renewed energy, vitality and overall wellbeing. 


For aspiring executives, senior managers and business owners needing a little inspiration, confidence and a gentle push to get a seat at the table. We’ll explore what makes a strong board (skills, commitment, alignment, diversity) and how you can increase your impact on your career and community. There’ll be plenty of time to have your questions answered. My aim is for you to leave inspired and equipped to launch into board roles!

Helga is a connector – ideas to strategy; strategy to action and people to each other. She revels in assisting individuals, organisations and communities to engage effectively and gain clarity on their role in making the world a better place. She is a Board member of the Royal Women’s Hospital and Co-Chair of the Centre for Sustainability Leadership. She is also a former board member of YWCA Victoria and Social Housing Victoria.

Building on her governance experience, Helga founded the Board KickStarter program and the Board Accelerator program to encourage and support women into, and on, Boards. She is also the host of the Take on Board podcast – each week, Helga speaks with experienced women board members to discover what we need to be our best in the boardroom.

Helga specialises in strategy and planning, governance and stakeholder engagement. Building on her extensive leadership roles in government, not-for-profit and membership organisations, Helga is a dynamic facilitator, a supportive and challenging coach, an effective trainer and an engaging speaker.

Initially trained and practising as a lawyer, her previous roles include Chief Executive Officer of Hotham Mission Asylum Seeker Project, Assistant Secretary of the Australian Services Union and Facilitator at Sustainability Victoria.


Discover The 4 Simple Steps to, Flicking Frustration and Taking Back Control Even If You Don’t Know Where to Start!


Here’s What You’ll Discover In This Workshop
● Why using normal methods of eradication, simply does not work. What you can do to turn it around, and Much, Much More.
● Why 3 brains are better than one. How to align the other two brains.
● Find out how positive thinking is highly overrated and doesn’t work. More importantly what actually works.
● Learn to deploy ‘The 4Rs Release Model®’ proprietary system, to get immediate results.

Mags Bell – With over 25 years experience in Business and 60,000+ Coaching hours under her belt, top executives and business owners have learned from Mags, Author of ‘What The Bleep Is Coaching? Join Mags As she shares her experience, knowhow and proprietary system, to help you take your business to the next level. Helping You Bring Out Your Brilliance!

Effective Social Media Marketing

Are your social media marketing strategies yielding the results that you want and need? Do you find it hard to get your message across without being too salesy?

Kylie Travers has been widely recognized as a social media influencer. She is in the Top 5% of Global Influencers’ on Finance and has built a business Occasion Enterprises on helping small business master Social Media.  Keynote speaker, writer, marketing executive and author. Her experience spans not for profits through to international governments marketing and PR campaigns. She has won international awards for blogging and is ready to work with your brand/business to raise your awareness and ROI with marketing through social media.

USING LinkedIN for connections, career & sales

Would you like to learn how to use LinkedIn to generate leads & connections. With thousands of competitors, you need to be positioned strongly to stand out amongst the competition. Failing to differentiate yourself will lead to a loss of opportunities. 

Mary Henderson is an internationally recognised Personal Branding & Online Business Expert. Mary helps Service Based Entrepreneurs, Startups, Business Owners and Corporate
Executives commercialise their Personal Brand into industry experts.
She has 18 years experience building 7 & 8 figure businesses & building high
performance sales teams in the IT sector and 13 years delivering online solutions for large
and small businesses.


 Be challenged to rethink your definition and understanding of ‘Audacious’ and convert it from a business negative into a business imperative.
• Go from a well-meaning manager to a proactive visionary and implementer.
• Receive a step by step guide for those who wish to live their legacy and enjoy the rewards it brings you, your people and organisations.

Ricky Nowak is a professional MC, Speaker and Executive Coach who is passionate about energising and educating corporate and business audiences so they can lead with integrity and authenticity.
She works in diverse industries across Australasia ranging from project management, IT, finance, health, legal,retail and manufacturing. Her focus is on developing authentic leadership through:
• Leadership development
• Executive coaching
• Customised leadership initiatives

Clients include KPMG, Fulton Hogan, Project Management Institute, The Executive Connection, CS Energy, Accenture, Ridley AgriProducts, ISPT Property, Linfox, David Lock Associates, ALPMA, Guide Dogs Victoria, NHP Engineering, McCain Food, Cummins Filtration, Royal Melbourne Hospital and HLB Mann Judd. She is an executive Coach for the Australian Institute of Company Directors, is a Certified Human Resource Institute Member, Media Contributor and Mentor, and is one of only 85 Australians holding the highest international accreditation of a Certified Speaking Professional. 


Do you have a team of great individuals, but they could add even more value? Does your team perform well, but you feel like you haven’t tapped into their full potential?  High performing, cohesive teams gives you the ultimate competitive advantage. United, high-functioning teams achieve great things; they experience less stress, a greater sense of wellbeing and engagement and more positive mindsets. 

This workshop will give you the tools to take your team from good to great! 

Tina Daisley is a self-proclaimed warrior for positive leadership! She is passionate about working with individuals and businesses to not only get through change, but to genuinely transform while building organisational performance and resilience. With over 20 years’ experience managing and leading teams, Tina is sought out to help businesses and individuals unravel the mysteries of what is holding them back.

Using the benefits of not only her experience, but also that of her diverse clients both here and overseas, Tina takes a practical approach to building performance through the power of strong teams. Her unique approach has a clear focus on authentic leadership, values and understanding how to maximise individuals’ strengths.

how to fill your pipeline with referrals 

During this presentation, listen as she makes you adjust your current referral generation practices by improving your ability to recognise, create and convert referral opportunities for yourself and others.

Lisa Sweeney CEO of Business in Heels works with business owners every day to fast-track them on their road to success. Referrals are gold for business owners. We love clients who come to you ready & willing to do business.

She understands that no one likes to be salesy and in this workshop she will show you how to build your pipeline through collaborations. You will explore who are the right collaborators for you, where to find them and how do you engage with them. Then we will take a look at understanding the pain points & triggers that denote interest. We will look at strategies you can use both online & in person to build up your salesforce of collaborators.