Now more than ever, the world needs your random acts of kindness.

COVID -19 has had a MAJOR impact on small business owners through no fault of their own. Today many business owners have had to wind up their business or put it into hibernation. Some have had to do the heartbreaking work of laying off workers. Now they are at home, isolated and wondering what to do now.

What if they were able to work on their business? To be proactive? Imagine the benefits both mentally & to future proof their businesses.

The Business in Heels Business Building Program will give them the tools to work on their business, to digitise & systemise it. Comprising of 12 lessons, 72-page booklet & 24/7 trainer access. There is over 8 hours of contact time plus the time to be spent on developing it for your business and then the implementation.

Students walk away with a business plan, pricing strategy,  with a team of collaborators, a sales funnel, a system for scaling online, a lead magnet, automated marketing and more. Plus with a certificate of completion, they are eligible to register for unsecured lending.

For those that need accountability & connection, we have the Business Building Bootcamp version of the program. This comes with 8 hours of class time, a once a week debrief of online learning, allowing the business owners to build a cohort of support. Plus they have access to a Facebook group so they can chat & share ideas throughout the week. Normally $1000 we have reduced the price to $600 during this crisis

Removing isolation & building collaboration.

To date, we have allocated over $60,000 in support. We have extended access to all our members FREE and we have a growing WAITLIST for non-members both men & women.

To enable more we need your help.

This is your chance to support small business owners struggling with having to close their doors, the uncertainty of when things will open. 

Meet Tiiu she runs a business gives facials & skin treatments. She is unable to trade and is struggling to pivot and she still has to pay her rent. She is a single mother of three and she needs your help.

Meet Lyndal she is a Photographer who had just relaunched her business after a serious illness. She and her husband both work in the business but are stuck with very little work & no way to pivot.

Meet Karen a Travel agent who loves helping people have a fabulous holiday. For the last few weeks, she has cancelled, postponed and refunded all her future business. With over 20 years of experience, she is not sure what else she can do. 

Diane runs an event space which she leases out to various teachers to use and for BIG events. Many of her teachers have started doing things online from home and all her future events have been cancelled. She has negotiated a reduced rent but still, she has to pay her expenses with no income.

You can make a difference! No matter how big or small starting with $1

$250 will allow a business owner to do the Online Program


$600 will allow them to do the Bootcamp.

To prepare for the future, we are putting our money where our mouth is for everyone you support we will support another person too. We are not waiting for the end date we are ACTING NOW! As soon as you donate we activate the next person on the WAITLIST.


Build community support to enable 60 owners to work on their business, to be proactive, not isolated & depressed.
Allowing them to participate in the Business Building program Online course & Bootcamp.
Who do you know who has been affected? Send them the LINK to the WAITLIST 

Travel agents, restauranteurs, event managers, hoteliers, retailers, beauty therapists, masseurs and any others that can demonstrate hardship.

Your actions will make a HUGE difference.

If you think this is a good idea then PLEASE SHARE!

And as a THANK-YOU  we will gift you with basic membership to Business in Heels ( if you want)
NB :"NewStart" approval will be used to assess those needy businesses.


The Centrelink NewStart approval will be used to assess those needy businesses.

If you want to nominate someone, in particular, please contact Emma on & then we can contact them directly to register them

Step 1: Specify your contribution amount for Supporting COVID-19 Affected SME Owners to Futureproof