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Jo Plummer


Perfect Your Pitch

In an evolving landscape, how do we remain visible and ‘top-of-mind’ for the career opportunities we crave? In this interactive masterclass learn how to communicate your expertise with clarity and impact using Happiness Concierge’s Elevator Pitch framework.

Together, we’ll:

  • Learn what goes into a great Elevator Pitch
  • Create our Elevator Pitches in real-time
  • Discuss strategies for managing moments of doubt
  • Leave with a Perfect Your Pitch Action Plan to put our pitches to work!

As a leading Global Leadership, Strategist, Brand Strategist, international keynote speaker, facilitator, and published writer, Nicole Hatherly offers 26 years’  experience delivering cutting edge and creative strategies for leaders and award winning brand strategies for global organisations.

Nicole works with executive and board level leaders, academics, actuaries, government departments, thought leaders and business leaders to create effective processes and influence for impact.

Trusted by the Department of Health, Kolling Institute of Medical Research, The University of Sydney, Geoscience Australia, Mirvac and Lazard, Nicole also coaches Executive Management and C-Suite clients across Australia.

With first-hand experience as an Executive Manager at CommBank for a decade, and ASIC RG146 compliant in Securities and Managed Investments, Nicole understands leadership within Finance and Professional Services.

Leading and training number of remote working teams across many years, presenting in a virtual environment is a second nature for Nicole.



At some point, most of us will need to give a presentation or we are already giving many! Whether the purpose is to educate, inspire, persuade or a combination of all three, many of the basic considerations will need to be incorporated to make it a presentation to remember for all the right reasons.

It’s very satisfying for me to help business leaders learn to –

  • Get over their nerves,
  • Prepare and structure their content,
  • Embed the hooks that win an audience,
  • Make statistics engaging, (Yes! It can be done!)
  • Use Zoom to advantage,
  • Keep their audience engaged from go to wo and
  • Leave their audience with a message they want to action.

I’ve been training business leaders through BNI and ARTA to give knockout presentations for 6 years and the confidence, capability and stage/screen presence they develop are wonderful to watch. Oh… and their audiences are grateful too.


Need to persuade, educate or inspire an audience? See you at the training.

Steve is the Owner and Head Trainer of ARTA. His role is to facilitate the development of Referral Teams so they run like well-oiled machines. 

The largest referral generation organisation in the world, BNI, contracts him to train its members in the largest franchise territory in Australia. “I train them in the art and science of referral marketing.” The members of this region repeatedly generate over $65million in closed business every year… because they know what they are doing.  
Business in Heels, a women’s business organisation, invites me to host workshops for delegates at their summits. These have been voted the most valuable of all the workshops. This Business Building Program is a collaboration between ARTA & BIH.  

Jo Plummer



For aspiring executives, senior managers and business owners needing a little inspiration, confidence and a gentle push to get a seat to the table
Explore getting a seat to the table and your questions answered;- understanding your why,  attributes of a great director,  the challenges of the Executive to Director leap, how and where to get started and the value of professional mentoring. 

Jo Plummer is an experienced Chair and board executive working across a portfolio of positions including Barwon Water, Deakin MBA Advisory, Barwon Asset Solutions, South Melbourne Market and Geelong Regional AICD Advisory Committee. She was recently made a Fellow of the AICD and is a graduate of the Company Directors and Mastering the Boardroom courses. Jo also holds an MBA majoring in Strategy, Planning, Leadership & Communication and is a Business in Heels Ambassador. 
Jo is known for her optimistic, energetic style and has been affectionately coined the ‘positive provocateur’. She is relentless in her drive to focus on and positively shape the futures of the organisations with which she is engaged. Her trademark is aligning customer and community expectations with sound commercial, social and environmental outcomes.










Using LinkedIn to Boost your Brand, Career and Attract Promotion.

Are you presenting the best version of yourself on LinkedIn? Do you know what to do when you are on LinkedIn?  If 2021 is the year you plan to put your best foot forward online, it’s time to tend to your LinkedIn garden with Karen Hollenbach.  From the content you follow on LinkedIn through to the invitations you accept from colleagues, your LinkedIn presence provides the opportunity to showcase your professional brand and help you get found online by recruiters, head hunters, and potential clients.
Key takeaways:
  • Learn how to write your LinkedIn Profile the right way with Karen’s proven checklist
  • Understand LinkedIn etiquette and how to navigate LinkedIn more effectively
  • Learn how to use LinkedIn to stay informed of industry news and trends
  • Learn how to use LinkedIn to stay better connected to your professional community

Karen Hollenbach is an Independent LinkedIn Specialist Trainer and the Founding Director of Think Bespoke. With over 10 years LinkedIn training experience in Australia and beyond, Karen is ranked in the top 10 LinkedIn experts for Asia Pacific by the Social Media Marketing Institute.

She’s taught many individuals and organisations how to embrace LinkedIn as a tool for their career and business. She’s a regular trainer with General Assembly and has worked with organisations including Legal People, Monash Business School, RMIT, Melbourne University and many more, teaching the leaders, digital marketers and marketing communication teams the key success factors for LinkedIn Profiles and LinkedIn Company Pages to achieve their professional goals.

Jo Plummer


Secrets of Building Resilience

Today being a working woman can be very stressful and demanding. Did you know that Australian workers take 90 million sick days every year? Do you feel restricted, overwhelmed or exhausted by change? Are you prioritizing your work and everyone else ahead of your own health? 
In this Active workshop, Amanda will teach you the art of flexibility allowing you some breathing space to build your resilience skills.
·Amanda’s story learning how to walk again after a paralysis at age 29.
·How to master resilience with flexibility, adapting to change.
·Mindset tools that will help you to switch off the fight or flight response so you can feel more positive and creative.
·Amanda’s resilience formula helping you to reconnect back to yourself, and within your relationships, so you can enjoy a life of purpose and fulfillment.
Built on the core themes of mindset, movement, nutrition, and connection.

Amanda Campbell Sports Kinesiologist, MS Ambassador, Resilience Speaker, Founder of Bend Like Bamboo her private practice specialising in mindbody health. She believes that flexibility builds resilience and at her core, Amanda believes that when the mind and body are given the right environment, so much can be possible.

In 2009 Amanda Campbell suffered a major MS attack that left her paralysed and was given a 50% chance of ever walking again. Unprepared to accept this as her fate, Amanda learned to focus on what she wanted instead of what she was scared of. With a lot of determination and the help of her doctors and a Kinesiologist, within six weeks, she stunned us all by not only walking but running.

Amanda is one of Australia’s leading experts on resilience and brings fresh thinking and novel insights into the world of resilience to your business,and its teams. Built on the core themes of mindset, movement, nutrition, and connection. Bend Like Bamboo Resilience Program can be customised for workplaces around Australia and globally.








The Power of Leading with Authenticity

      With constant disruption to business, five generations comprising the workplace,the rise ofvirtual communication and the breaking down of traditional systems,never has there been a more important time for leaders and those in positions of influence to engage and connect with their teams and workforce.Employees expect it, yet many leaders are struggling toprovide it. Mistrust for leadership is at an alltime high and many leaders themselves constantly feel overwhelmed, confused and disconnected.Burnout, anxiety and depression continues to escalate amongst senior ranks,and many are losing the confidence andcourage they once had. In authenticity and insincerity are not only felt by those being led but by leaders themselves.
      In this powerful workshop you will:
      Gain a greater understanding of what it means to be an authentic leader.
      Learn about the 6 Characteristicsof an authentic leader &,gain insights on how tobuild trust, improve productivity and create connected and engaged teams.
      Discover a simple framework that will give you personal clarity, confidence and the courage to live and lead authentically.

Kylie has spent over 20 years in business, leadership and people development exploring what success looks like at an individual level, at a company level and in leadership. She has held a variety of positions as a Senior Executive and has good insight into what leaders and organisations need. As a champion of conscious and courageous leadership, gender equality and progressive workplaces her workshops are well known to be inspiring. From keynotes to individual coaching all those that work with her walk away with practical and simple tools to fulfil their potential, step into their authentic power. Enabling them to create a better now and brighter future for themselves. Kylie is incredibly passionate about raising the standards of leadership, expanding opportunities for women and integrating mindfulness, courage and compassion into workplaces, boardrooms, communities and beyond!

Jo Plummer


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Valuing Your Worth

With Australia’s national Gender Pay Gap currently at 13.4%*, it isimperative that you understand your level of worth.Women currentlyearn an average weekly ordinaryfulltime wage of $1,558.40 comparedto $1,812.00 for men,which directly reflects inyour lifestyle choices nowand into the future.In this workshop, you’ll learn practical ways to:
calculate your valueincrease your earning potential
position your salary increase request
steps after a salary discussion

Kistin Gunnis has worked internationally and domestically in the Telco Industry and knows howhard it can be to succeed as a woman and on your merit. Kistin is passionate about supportingwomen to get the rewards they deserve. With over 25+years of experience within OperationsManagement,she has seen it all. Today she works with business women to understand andarticulate their value and how to make a difference in their profitability.









Trust + Authenticity = Rockstar Teams and Huge Results!

Working remotely is now our every day, yet many of us have had little, if any, training on how to be a great leader in a virtual environment. This workshop will give you tools and strategies to help with building team culture and engagement when you aren’t physically sitting in the same place.

How do I lead a remote team day today? How do I build trust with my team? How do I monitor their performance? What do I do when someone isn’t engaged? What does privacy and confidentiality mean when having tough conversations over technology? I used to take someone for a coffee to have an informal chat, how do I do that now? What boundaries do me and my team need to ensure we keep well and have a good balance? What is work-life balance when working from home? 

We’ll explore the things you’re really struggling with or challenged by and give you practical strategies and skills to help you and your team move forward.

The only thing Tina loves more than partnering with organisations and individuals to build high-performing, trust-based teams, is working with people who are at a crossroad, feeling unsure about what’s next but committed to working it out and taking action. 

Tina’s had over 20 years leading and managing teams, with the last ten of those in corporate HR/People and Culture executive roles. She now runs her own business helping people and teams to reconnect with their values and purpose and put in place a plan that means they are living their best lives now, both personally and professionally. Tina’s workshops are deliberately provoking, challenging everyone to think differently, be comfortable with discomfort and embrace the permission you have to make choices that are right for you and your teams.