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Friday, August 21, 2020
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You know it. I Know it. We all check people out online.
And when it comes to professional credibility and authority, the biggest online resource is Linkedin.
So what does it take to build presence, on a platform of more than 657 million members.
It’s more than just a polished profile, growing a large network or going ‘viral’.
It’s about strategy.
With the right strategy, brand awareness, lead generation and authority are all achievable – for individuals and organisations.
In this intensive high level workshop, we’ll explore some simple ways you can level up your LinkedIn presence to get clear on what you want, how LinkedIn can support your goals and tactics you can implement today to contribute to your long term success.

Megan Edwards, founder and director of mWords Communications
Megan Edwards is a Melbourne-born LinkedIn content marketing specialist of over 20
years. A lifelong writer and educator, Megan regularly runs LinkedIn Strategy workshops and in-
house training to help corporates and teams all sizes build a LinkedIn presence and content strategy
that supports their business goals, with a key focus on growing brand awareness, lead
generation and authority.



Working remotely is now our every day, yet many of us have had little, if any, training on how to be a great leader in a virtual environment. This workshop will give you tools and strategies to help with building team culture and engagement when you aren’t physically sitting in the same place.

How do I lead a remote team day today? How do I build trust with my team? How do I monitor their performance? What do I do when someone isn’t engaged? What does privacy and confidentiality mean when having tough conversations over technology? I used to take someone for a coffee to have an informal chat, how do I do that now? What boundaries do me and my team need to ensure we keep well and have a good balance? What is work-life balance when working from home? 

We’ll explore the things you’re really struggling with or challenged by and give you practical strategies and skills to help you and your team move forward.

The only thing Tina loves more than partnering with organisations and individuals to build high-performing, trust-based teams, is working with people who are at a crossroad, feeling unsure about what’s next but committed to working it out and taking action. 

Tina’s had over 20 years leading and managing teams, with the last ten of those in corporate HR/People and Culture executive roles. She now runs her own business helping people and teams to reconnect with their values and purpose and put in place a plan that means they are living their best lives now, both personally and professionally. Tina’s workshops are deliberately provoking, challenging everyone to think differently, be comfortable with discomfort and embrace the permission you have to make choices that are right for you and your teams.



As the world goes through substantial change and upheaval, it is taking its toll on people’s mental and physical health due to uncertainty within the workplace and economy. Right now, we need a strategy that gives us the power to navigate these trouble times.


  • Discover the 3 vital steps to put down stressors and navigating this change
  • Learn how to use the power of Foundational Emotional Resilience
  • Inspire others to innovate and build collaborative intelligence

Dr Rosemary McCallum is an expert in bringing out the exceptional in leaders through the superpower of emotional resilience. For over 25 years Rosemary has made it her life work to study the fascinating complexities that make up human behaviour. Combining two powerful sciences, she has produced a proven formula that assists mental health, sustains adaptability in changing times and increases personal/teams’ productivity through meaning and purpose.



Everything is changing around us and things seem beyond our control. It is easy to fall into fear, stress and overwhelm for good reason, during these times. Discover ways to support yourself mentally and emotionally during these times so you can be a force for uplifting for yourself and to those around you. Learn how to:

Be more resilient
Be the master of your thoughts and emotions
Let go of fear and focus on the things that are important to you
Make the best decisions for yourself to move forward
Maintain a mindset that supports you

Deborah Fairfull is committed to the ongoing improvement of the world we live in and believes in the power of each individual. Her simple, succinct and practical approach to raising the awareness allows people to connect to true peace and happiness. For that reason, she founded Blisspot, an online community transforming everyday lives through encouragement, sharing, education, inspiration and connection in the modern world today. Through community, education and technology, Blisspot focuses on sharing skills to support individuals and businesses overcome stress and thrive.

Prior to that Deborah was the founder and CEO of Brave Design Group and Eatsmart Food. During that time she won the ACT Business Women of the Year and the ACT Chief Minister’s Award for Innovation.

An entrepreneur with a passion for personal growth, Deborah founded the wellness community Blisspot to support people in overcoming stress and thriving. Along with being a businesswoman for the past 30 years, Deborah has studied counselling, psychology and kinesiology and is an industry spokesperson and author in Australia and The United States. 



Feeling absolutely exhausted in our Covid-19 world? Wondering how to adapt yet again to our NEW NORMAL? Struggling to lead your teams, your family, your organisation and yourself in these times of unprecedented change? 

Is it time to discover: 

  1. The seven leadership styles that will set you and your team up for success
  2. The four most effective 21st century leadership behaviours to use in the NEW NORMAL
  3. The five most unproductive strategies that hold you back
  4. Ten strategies to ditch to achieve your destiny

Maxine Driscoll is an award-winning leadership expert, author, international speaker, consultant, coach and mentor who draws on outstanding leadership experience in Australia and internationally. 

Having learnt some tough lessons in her 20 years of senior leadership roles in Australia and Asia, Maxine founded Think Strategic to empower aspirational women to think strategically and lead their organizations, their teams, their families and themselves to unleash creativity, innovation and purpose.  

Completing a Leadership Fellowship at Columbia University, New York, USA and a Masters of Education at Deakin University, Geelong, Australia she is both qualified and passionate to inspire a new generation of female leaders.



For aspiring executives, senior managers and business owners needing a little inspiration, confidence and a gentle push to get a seat to the table.
Explore getting a seat to the table and your questions answered;- understanding your why,  attributes of a great director,  the challenges of the Executive to Director leap, how and where to get started and the value of professional mentoring. 

Jo Plummer is an experienced Chair and board executive working across a portfolio of positions including Barwon Water, Deakin MBA Advisory , Barwon Asset Solutions and Geelong Regional Football. Her experience will be invaluable in allowing you to explore board opportunities.

Jo is known for her optimistic, energetic style and has been affectionately coined the ‘positive provocateur’. She is relentless in her drive to focus on and positively shape the futures of the organisations with which she is engaged. Her trademark is aligning customer and community expectations with sound commercial, social and environmental outcomes.

Currently Jo’s portfolio includes numerous board Chair and committee roles, co-ownership of Business in Heels International as well as professional director mentoring. She was recently made a Fellow of the AICD and is a graduate of the Company Directors and Mastering the Boardroom courses. Jo also holds an MBA majoring in Strategy, Planning, Leadership & Communication.



In this new world of social distancing, many of us have to come to grips with the online world, to present at meetings being hosted online. It is important to be heard, to make your point with impact & to present yourself as you want to be seen.
Plus, many of us hate seeing ourselves on camera, we are overwhelmed by the technology and are unaware of what we need to do and to prepare.
In this workshop, we will address:-
How to present yourself with Impact
Creating an environment that showcases you
How to present your arguments convincingly
How to use Slides to Create Impactful messages    

Steve is the Owner and Head Trainer of ARTA. His role is to facilitate the development of Referral Teams so they run like well-oiled machines. 

The largest referral generation organisation in the world, BNI, contracts him to train its members in the largest franchise territory in Australia. “I train them in the art and science of referral marketing.” The members of this region repeatedly generate over $65million in closed business every year… because they know what they are doing.  
Business in Heels, a women’s business organisation, invites me to host workshops for delegates at their summits. These have been voted the most valuable of all the workshops. This Business Building Program is a collaboration between ARTA & BIH.  



We are often nicer to colleagues, friends and family (and sometimes complete strangers), than we are to ourselves. This workshop helps you to understand your imposter syndrome and perfectionist tendencies, as well as the stories you tell yourself that impact how you think, feel and act. We share what compassion, self-compassion and empathy are and how they differ to but impact on each other. We explore the latest positive psychology and neuroscience research to give you simple and effective tools to help you silence your inner critic once and for all. 
Learning Objectives:
 Learn how to identify negative self-talk and stop it in its tracks.
 Understand how emotions influence thinking, behaviour, decision making and performance.
 Develop techniques to stop trying to be perfect or comparing yourself to others.
 Learn practical strategies, tips and tools for identifying and increasing ways to silence your inner critic in the workplace and at home.   

Jenni is an enthusiastic and motivated director, C-suite executive, business founder, entrepreneur, activator, consultant, presenter, mentor, coach and board advisor. She has 35+ years financial services experience, with a broad range of commercial experience spanning strategic thinking and business acumen applicable to most industries. She is a strategy specialist, able to combine traditional strategic, people and change management theories, with the latest evidence-based positive psychology science and applications.

She runs a consulting business, advising, mentoring and coaching boards and senior executives on: strategy and culture; governance, risk and compliance; positive change management, engagement and organisational development; and due diligence. Her clients include investment managers, institutional investors and ASX listed companies.

Jenni holds a Master of Applied Positive Psychology with Honours, from Melbourne University, an MBA (Executive) and Graduate Certificate in Change Management, AGSM and a Bachelor of Business (Business Admin), RMIT. She is also a certified strengths assessor/coach, is a Graduate of the AICD Company Directors Course.