Leadership Summit: Women in Insurance


Friday, November 20, 2020
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As the world goes through substantial change and upheaval, it is taking its toll on people’s mental and physical health due to uncertainty within the workplace and economy. Right now, we need a strategy that gives us the power to navigate these trouble times.


  • Discover the 3 vital steps to put down stressors and navigating this change
  • Learn how to use the power of Foundational Emotional Resilience
  • Inspire others to innovate and build collaborative intelligence

Dr Rosemary McCallum is an expert in bringing out the exceptional in leaders through the superpower of emotional resilience. For over 25 years Rosemary has made it her life work to study the fascinating complexities that make up human behaviour. Combining two powerful sciences, she has produced a proven formula that assists mental health, sustains adaptability in changing times and increases personal/teams’ productivity through meaning and purpose.



Ineffective communication is the main reason for project failure one-third of the time and has the biggest negative impact on project success more than half the time*. But you can protect your team against potential loss due to disengagement and mistakes.

This workshop explores practical strategies for minimising the risk to your client relations and team performance that creeps up when inept communication skills are allowed to proliferate – especially when the team is dispersed and disrupted.

How do you assess and value individual strengths? How do you indemnify your team against implosion? What can you do to limit the liability of miscommunication?

Don’t be negligent with your most valuable asset – your people. Join this workshop to find out how you can avoid the perils and pitfalls that can undermine your leadership. Learn what you need to do to underwrite your team’s performance so your company and your clients are confident in your team’s capability.


Leanne Wyvill is an experienced corporate communications professional who helps people in business communicate their ideas with confidence. She has worked for iconic Queensland health and education services, in the public and private sectors, as well as with numerous start-ups, small businesses and not-for-profits.

She now runs Presence Communications – a training and services consultancy which helps teams work better together with tailored business communication skills training and insightful True Colors empathy-building workshops.

She holds a B.A. (Hons), Grad. Dip Communication Practice (with Distinction) and Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. Leanne is also a certified True Colors International facilitator.



The world needs more courageous leaders. And you want to be part of the leadership revolution. But how do you show up and be courageous? And what do you do when it gets hard and your values are tested? This workshop will show you how. 

Certified Dare to LeadTM Facilitator, Julia van Graas, will share the key highlights from Dr Brené Brown’s ground-breaking courage-building work on what we can all do to be more courageous leaders. A key part of this is to understand our core values so that when times get tough (because they will!) we know how to stay in our integrity as a leader.  Come along for this highly interactive session to connect your head and heart so that you can show up as a more courageous leader at work and in life.  


Fast-paced and highly practical, learning outcomes include:

  • An awareness of the four skill sets of courageous leadership:
    1. Embracing vulnerability
    2. Living into your values
    3. Braving trust
    4. Learning to rise and bounce
  • Learn how values operate in our professional lives and the role they play in integrity and courageous leadership
  • Identify your core values and the behaviours that support these values so you can learn to recognise when you are acting from a place of integrity (and when you are not).

Julia van Graas is a globally experienced advisor, interim executive, facilitator, coach and speaker. As a co-founder of Spiique, a Certified Dare to LeadTM Facilitator, Executive Coach and a Chartered Accountant she supports leadership teams striving for greatness by helping them find their courage to have the conversations that matter – the real conversations that create change in relationships, teams and cultures. 



Many people are unaware that they need to have a personal brand to succeed. All too often they are being judged by their LinkedIn Profile and their behaviour on social media.

Key elements of Personal branding

The power of networking

How to become a thought leader

How to Build your online reputation starting with LinkedIn

Robyn Foyster is an entrepreneur, experienced executive and board director. Robyn has successfully led multiple companies including her own media and tech businesses.

She is the only person to edit and publish Australia’s three biggest flagship magazines – The Australian Women’s Weekly, Woman’s Day and New Idea.

Voted one of B&T’s 30 Most Powerful Women In Media at the Women in Media Awards, and winner of the prestigious Magazine Publisher Association’s Editor of the Year award. Robyn also runs InProfile  which manages reputations online including your personal & business brand.


Strategic plan to give you a Leading Edge

Feeling absolutely exhausted in our Covid-19 world? Wondering how to adapt yet again to our NEW NORMAL? Struggling to lead your teams, your family, your organisation and yourself in these times of unprecedented change? 

Is it time to discover: 

  1. The seven leadership styles that will set you and your team up for success
  2. The four most effective 21st century leadership behaviours to use in the NEW NORMAL
  3. The five most unproductive strategies that hold you back
  4. Ten strategies to ditch to achieve your destiny

Maxine Driscoll is an award-winning leadership expert, author, international speaker, consultant, coach and mentor who draws on outstanding leadership experience in Australia and internationally. 

Having learnt some tough lessons in her 20 years of senior leadership roles in Australia and Asia, Maxine founded Think Strategic to empower aspirational women to think strategically and lead their organizations, their teams, their families and themselves to unleash creativity, innovation and purpose.  

Completing a Leadership Fellowship at Columbia University, New York, USA and a Masters of Education at Deakin University, Geelong, Australia she is both qualified and passionate to inspire a new generation of female leaders.



For aspiring executives, senior managers and business owners needing a little inspiration, confidence and a gentle push to get a seat to the table.
Explore getting a seat to the table and your questions answered;- understanding your why,  attributes of a great director,  the challenges of the Executive to Director leap, how and where to get started and the value of professional mentoring. 


Leesa Chesser is a non executive director, advisory board chair, skilled senior leader who coaches and mentors women in Australia and Asia. She has held a number of board positions in membership based organisations, the education sector and with social service providers. Her expertise lies in highly regulated industries where compliance or regulatory failure is a major risk to a company’s public licence to operate and sectors undergoing transformation.

She served as the Minister for Disabilities, Mental Health and Substance Abuse leading the NDIS decision making, service reform and transformation in South Australia.  As the Chair of the Public Works Committee, Leesa oversaw large public infrastructure construction projects such as the $450M Adelaide Oval redevelopment with consideration of economic evaluation, procurement, project management and ongoing reporting for public value.

Leesa works primarily in the private sector with start ups, SME’s, not-for-profit organisations and social enterprises to create value and impact in the health and human services, defence and space industries.  Trained in health economics, health information management and business at the Queensland University of Technology, Leesa is values based, data driven and enjoys contributing to smart commercial decision making focused on value generation, consumers and innovation.



At some point, most of us will need to give a presentation or we are already giving many! Whether the purpose is to educate, inspire, persuade or a combination of all three, many of the basic considerations will need to be incorporated to make it a presentation to remember for all the right reasons.

It’s very satisfying for me to help business leaders learn to –

  • Get over their nerves,
  • Prepare and structure their content,
  • Embed the hooks that win an audience,
  • Make statistics engaging, (Yes! It can be done!)
  • Use Zoom to advantage,
  • Keep their audience engaged from go to wo and
  • Leave their audience with a message they want to action.

I’ve been training business leaders through BNI and ARTA to give knockout presentations for 6 years and the confidence, capability and stage/screen presence they develop are wonderful to watch. Oh… and their audiences are grateful too.


Need to persuade, educate or inspire an audience? See you at the training.

Steve is the Owner and Head Trainer of ARTA. His role is to facilitate the development of Referral Teams so they run like well-oiled machines. 

The largest referral generation organisation in the world, BNI, contracts him to train its members in the largest franchise territory in Australia. “I train them in the art and science of referral marketing.” The members of this region repeatedly generate over $65million in closed business every year… because they know what they are doing.  
Business in Heels, a women’s business organisation, invites me to host workshops for delegates at their summits. These have been voted the most valuable of all the workshops. This Business Building Program is a collaboration between ARTA & BIH.  



With Australia’s national Gender Pay Gap currently at 14.0%*, it is imperative that you understand your level of worth.  Women currently earn an average weekly ordinary full-time wage of $1,558.40 compared to $1,812.00 for men, which directly reflects in your lifestyle choices now and into the future.
In this workshop, you’ll learn practical ways to:
  • calculate your value
  • increase your earning potential
  • position your salary increase request
  • steps after a salary discussion

Kistin Gunnis has worked internationally and domestically in the Telco Industry and knows how hard it can be to succeed as a woman and on your merit. Kistin is passionate about supporting women to get the rewards they deserve. With over 25+years of experience within Operations Management, she has seen it all. Today she works with business women to understand and articulate their value and how to make a difference in their profitability.

Specialties: Personal Brand Audits, Strategic Networking, Strategic Networking Goals, Strategic Networking Plans, Stakeholder Management, Personal Power, Political Capital, Influencing and Motivations, Networking Tools, Building Trust, Visibility, Development Plans.