Learn from our fabulous expert presenters.

Meet like-minded women and network.

Get solutions for your business pain-points.

Enjoy our interactive workshop & win prizes!

A limited opportunity for business owners and professional to workshop their top three pain points. Choose three of the numerous topics from marketing how to’s to leadership and personal development. Each workshop runs for 1 hr and 15 minutes, they are expertly facilitated with one goal to give you the answers you need. 

They deliver practical outcomes with no more than 25 delegates in each. There is loads of time to explore the Expo and find people that can solve your problems.

Plus time to connect & network. With our conferencing platform, you will be able to see all participants online, message them & even face time them in the breaks. It is as close to a physical experience as we can make it.


This is your chance to work on problems that have been holding you back, learn about some thing new and do some personal development. All the workshops are presented by Experts in their field.

These will be delivered on a special conferencing platform using the Zoom meeting function.  They will be delivered face to face, they will be interactive and you will have opportunities to learn and ask your questions. This is NOT a webinar.

Once you book the schedule will be up online allowing you to select your ideal choices. Prior to the day, you can submit any particular questions you have and our presenters will love you for it.

Speaking with Confidence & Authenticity on Camera

Presented by Kelly Petering

Sharing your message through Video is THE MOST EFFECTIVE way right now to build trust with your market. Do you feel like you don’t yet have the confidence to share your message authentically on camera? Maybe you’re worried about what others might think, afraid of making mistakes or forgetting what you were going to say… 


Presented by Cathy Dimarchos

Running your own business can be easy. I am not saying that it’s not challenging, just that you can make everything about it easy. I have set up businesses across the Globe and scaled them. When you know the outcome, you want to achieve, everything in between becomes easy.
Step one is to unlearn what is not serving you. This enables you to embrace the entrepreneurial mindset and to strengthen from what you have learnt. This is about becoming antifragile. Then you apply second and third-order thinking so you mitigate risk and then you add the possible – think limitlessly.
Jump off the train that has everyone heading to the same train station. Stay away from “buzz words” and the shiny new thing that someone else is saying is their NEW way of doing things.
Stay focused on the outcome you set out to achieve and ask yourself 1 question.
Will this get me to where I need to be?

In this workshop, you will learn:-
• Be clear about what is serving you and let go of what is NOT
• Be prepared to UNLEARN things so you can begin to learn the “possible”
• Define the outcome you want
• Success is knowing and achieving the IMPACT you want to make
• Working to your place of Genius


Flow Productivity - Cut the Overwhelm and Get Stuff Done with Flow…

Presented by Julie Jones

Finding productive flow in your business & life when the world is a little crazy… 

When it’s tricky to find flow, to get into action for your business, it’s time to work on your Ocean Flow Productivity skills. At this session, I’ll help you with techniques and tips you can use straight away. You’ll learn how to: 

  • Focus like a shark and hide like a cuttlefish
  • Beat procrastination by ‘eating frogfish’
  • Create a simple plan for your day, week and month
  • Use the power of rituals and routines to stay in Flow
Branding : Become Distinguishable, UNCOPYABLE & Irresistable

….even if you’re in a crowded marketplace for Coaches & Consultants

Presented by Annemarie Cross

Feel like the world’s best-kept secret – despite doing ‘all the things’ when it comes to marketing your business?

Struggling to position your diverse expertise into a concise and compelling message that doesn’t sound the same as everyone else?

Come to this training and learn:

  • Common Personal Branding myths and mistakes that’ll keep you from becoming distinguishable, uncopyable and irresistible
  • Why Authenticity is NOT a buzzword – but rather PARAMOUNT!
  • Why LESS really IS MORE when it comes to creating a compelling message and content
  • How to position yourself in a Category of ONE to become THE trusted authority in your industry and THE choice vs A choice when it comes to your ideal client
  • The missing factor to becoming UNCOPYABLE – that many businesses overlook
Secrets to GROW your Business through LinkedIn

Presented by Karen Hollenbach

Would you like to learn how to use LinkedIn to generate leads & connections? With thousands of competitors, you need to be positioned strongly to stand out amongst the competition and maximise opportunities for your business.

Attracting Referrals

presented by Steve Sweeney

Referrals make you feel great! 

If you’re receiving them it means people regard you as a dependable professional who gets the job done to a high standard.
So learn the art and science of attracting them and re-invigorate your business and yourself.
In this workshop you will learn – 
  • Why Referrals are Essential for Service Providers
  • Why some Referrals are More Valuable Others
  • What Influences People’s Decisions to Refer
  • Who Can Pass You the Best Referrals


How to Be Grant Ready

Presented by Madonna Melrose

Gaining grants can be a huge opportunity for a business and potential time-waster, leaving business owners frustrated and exhausted.

Is your Business Grant Ready? Do you have the Correct Grant Mindset?

Learn from the experts. In this workshop, you will learn:-

  • What funding and grant opportunities are available to explore
    What you need to know and do to be Grant Ready
    How a Grant Profile will assist your business in more ways than you imagined
    Better understanding the grand application process
    Putting you in the correct Grant Mindset



Maximising your Digital Success

Presented by Lisa Sweeney

Are you trying to do everything, responding to customers, creating invoices as well as servicing their needs? Are you never in the right place at the right time? Customers are more demanding than ever before so if you want to scale then you need automation. In this workshop we will focus on leveraging marketing:-

  • Learn the benefits of automation.
  • How to leverage social media
  • Explore a range of digital tools to save you time
  • Learn how to put your sales on steroids
  • The ideal ecosystem to establish.


Profitable Podcasting for Service-Based Businesses

Presented by Annemarie cross

Want to leverage a podcast to build your reach, your reputation (as a trusted authority) and your revenue (from your very first episode) for your coaching / consulting business?


  • The ONE question you should ask yourself BEFORE you start your podcast to ensure you set your podcast up for success from your first episode
  • 3 common distractions you don’t want to fixate on (which most people do) and what you SHOULD focus on if you want your podcast to generate ROI
  • The most important factor of your podcast that’ll prompt return listeners and subscribers (and is often missed)
  • The Podcast Positioning Quadrant and what you need in place to position yourself as a trusted authority in your industry
  • The one simple (yet powerful) unknown tactic that’ll enable you to nurture listeners into leads, enquiries and ultimately customers from your very first episode
Social Media from Invisible to Invincible

Have you been on social media for a while now but just don’t seem to be getting the traction you need or want?  Does it feel like it’s just not working anymore?  Well, let’s chat about what’s working, what’s not and what’s hot when it comes to using social media to grow your business and become more profitable in 2022. 

During the workshop we will explore: 

  • What marketing is,
  • What’s trending in social media marketing in 2022
  • What’s working and what’s not, and
  • What to keep an eye on! 

We’ll also look at ways you can get more organic traffic to your social media platforms.  They’ll be some self-reflection time, a quick audit on how you are going with your social media and some homework (sorry!).  Oh and some Q&A time! 

This super practical, down to earth workshop for small businesses is not one to miss to ensure your 2022 social media strategy helps build your list, your business and your profits.

Modern Marketing for Business Success

Presented by Rachel Allan

Inauthentic old-school marketing just doesn’t work these days. You need modern marketing. In fact, you need a ground-breaking system that blends proven, cutting-edge marketing strategies with potent mindset work.

Rachel Allan has created this innovative system, and she will share the six elements with you at the Business in Heels summit.

She recommends closing your ears to all the well-intentioned (but misguided) advice and marketing gobbledygook being offered up on the internet, and instead focusing on:

  • Authentic campaigns
  • Dynamic strategy
  • Savvy research

If you are serious about creating holistic life and business success, you need to know about – and implement – all six elements of the marketing system Rachel has created.


How to be a Better YOU, for a Better Business Outcome

Presented by Christine Stow

Very often we don’t pay attention to ourselves, we don’t value ourselves enough and our business suffers: leaving us feeling stressed, overwhelmed, unheard and undervalued. In this session, Christine will take you on a journey highlighting the impacts of your wellbeing on your business and offers solutions you can implement right away:
What you will get:
– The number ONE thing that reduces stress, saves time and moves you forward every time
– Learn WHY your valuing yourself is important
– Is money holding you back?
– 3 steps you can take to be a better you
– 5 Point Plan for a Better Business Outcome
How to Scale your Business Online with Video

Feeling frustrated with your lack of profile and ability to cut through the noise of the marketplace? Scared of being on video? Overwhelmed by technology? Struggling for content ideas.

Here’s What You’ll Learn in this Workhop:
• The Power of video marketing when going one to many, with 10X effectiveness of any other content
• The storytelling secrets that will help you to Build Immediate Trust and position you as the Go-to Authority… FAST
• TIPS & TRICKS to creating professional videos
• 10 ways to utilise one video so it looks like you are all over social media

Lisa Sweeney, CEO of Business in Heels



9.00–9.30   am Opening
9.40–10.55  am Workshop Session 1-7
10.55–11.15  am  BREAK
11.15–12.30 pm Workshop Session 8-14
12.30–1.30  pm EXPO
1.30–2.45    pm Workshop Session 1-7
2.45–3.05   pm BREAK
3.05–4.20  pm Workshop Session 8-14
4.20–4.40  pm BREAK
4.40–5.30  pm End of Day – Prizes & Networking



Speaking with Confidence & Authenticity on Camera


BRANDING Becoming Distinguishable, UNCOPYABLE & Irresistible


Maximising Your Digital Success


Secrets to GROW your business through LinkedIn


Attracting Referrals


Is your Business Grant Ready?


Modern Marketing for Business Success



julie jones


Flow Productivity – Cut the Overwhelm and Get Stuff Done with Flow


How to be a better YOU, for a Better Business Outcome


Social Media from Invisible to Invincible





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